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Mann Lab


          The success of this lab depends on the involvement of bright and motivated undergraduates, and we welcome your interest in this research and teaching laboratory. Getting involved in research is a good way to see whether psychology is for you, and if it is, to obtain the research experience and training that you will need to gain admission to psychology graduate programs or related fields of study (e.g., law school, medical school, public health).
†††††† ††† As a research assistant in this lab, you will be working closely with other members of the laboratory on one or more of our ongoing research projects. Your involvement may include scheduling and running subjects, entering or coding data, conducting basic data analysis, preparing materials for projects, or doing literature searches.  You will not necessarily get to work on your top choice project. 

          Past research assistants have found it useful to register for course credit through the Psych 194 A/B series or the SRP program. Several students who started out in the lab as research assistants have later been admitted into the Departmental Honors Program to work on their own projects under Dr. Mann's supervision, and indeed, this is the only way to do an honorís project with Dr. Mann. In addition, a number of students who have worked in our lab are now either pursuing graduate studies in psychology or are employed in post-graduate research positions.

          If you are interested in becoming a research assistant in the lab, please click on the link below to print out the Research Assistant Application.   Please turn in your application to the lab (room 3291 Franz), place it in Dr. Mannís faculty mailbox, or email it to  If we need assistants at that time, we will contact you for an interview.  If we do not need assistants at that time, we will keep your application on file, and we will contact you at a later time (if you wish Ė there is a space to specify this on the application). 

In general, if you want to work with us a particular quarter, you should submit an application several weeks before the quarter begins.

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