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Mann Lab

Traci Mann and Family

Fascinating Fact:  Has never been on a diet

Favorite Flavor:  Chubby Hubby


Fascinating Fact:  PLEASE don’t ask him to to re-enact                                 the life cycle of a butterfly.

Favorite Flavor:  Anything colorful

Favorite Expression:  “Once is not enough.”

Fascinating Fact:  Could kick a soccer ball before he                                     could walk (but can’t anymore).

Favorite Flavor:  Blueberry

Favorite Expression:  “Oh Man!”


Associate Professor Cognitive Psychology, UCLA

Fascinating Fact:  Won (and Lost) on Jeopardy

Favorite Flavor:  Chubby Hubby


Traci Mann

Jonah Engelmann

Ben Engelmann

Steve Engel, Ph.D